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Eastern Drug and Alcohol Service (EDAS)
EDAS provides free and confidential alcohol and other drug counselling, support and education in Melbourne's eastern metropolitan region.
For more information or to make a referral, please call:

1300 650 705

Our service is available to adults, young people & family members who live, work, study or spend a significant amount of time in the Cities of Boroondara, Manningham, Maroondah, Monash, and Whitehorse.
People with co-occurring substance use and mental health issues are welcome at any of our services. EDAS also provides an ABI service for people with alcohol and other drug related acquired brain injuries.

Drug & alcohol agencies           



Tel:  9843 1288           

Fax:  9843 1266



Residential Services: 7 days 24-hours; Assessment and Home-based and Outpatient Withdrawal: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm


Alcohol and drug service; Assessment referral service; Counselling (forensic); Complementary therapies (residential unit only); Service offered to correctional clients; Detox – medical; Home-based withdrawal; Outpatient withdrawal; Mobile overdose response service (9am-5pm); Information and support service; Addiction medicine consultancy; GP support


Harm minimisation and empowerment for positive change in health and life.


In need of withdrawal from drugs and/or alcohol.


Telephone to make an appointment for assessment (treatment planning session). A number of options will be discussed.

Waiting period

Some might apply

Referral source

No referral required


Individual agreements


Nurses; Counsellors; Volunteers; Welfare workers

Discharge support


Public transport

Train - Box Hill station

Length of stay

7-10 days (residential stay)

Residential facilities

Own room


Operated from Eastern Health, affiliated with Box Hill Hospital; includes Wellington House Residential Service, Box Hill, tel: 9895 4939

Eastern Health Alcohol and Drug Service (EHADS) is a compassionate and accessible service, offering a range of treatments and other support for people affected by substance use problems. EHADS offers a suite of outpatient services and as well as a residential withdrawal unit which are located at two separate sites in central Box Hill.


EHADS offers a range of outpatient services for those with substance use problems. Select a service to read more.

Assessment Service

Clients presenting for assistance will receive a comprehensive assessment and an individual treatment plan. To book an assessment, please phone 9843 1288 between Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm or you are welcome to ‘drop-in’ to the service between Mon – Fri 9am – 11am. We suggest early attendance (as close to 9am), to avoid disappointment. Those with a booked appointment will be seen first.

 Home-based Withdrawal

Supported withdrawal in the home may be suitable for people with mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms. This service provides a withdrawal management plan developed with your G.P., support and education on withdrawal and relapse prevention, regular reviews by a clinician during the withdrawal phase and referral to post withdrawal services.

 Outpatient Withdrawal

This service is very similar to the home-based withdrawal service, but if for those with less severe withdrawal symptoms.

 Forensic Counselling

Our Forensic service provides short-medium term counselling for people directed by law courts or on correctional orders.

Mobile Overdose Response Service (MORS)

MORS responds to hospital emergency departments and wards to provide support to people who have recently experienced an overdose. This service also provides outreach support for poly drug users at risk of overdose and referrals to other health professionals or services.

 Specialist Pharmacotherapy Service

The Eastern Specialist Pharmacotherapy Service provides assessment, secondary consultation and treatment for opiod pharmacotherapy clients who have other complicating issues such as: pregnancy, significant medical disorders, significant psychiatric disorders.

 Addiction Medicine Unit

The Addiction Medicine Unit is a multidisciplinary team led by an Addiction Medicine Specialist who provide consultation-liaison service for Eastern Health hospitals and referral, advice and support to other health professionals.